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Not chasing the wind!!!

Not chasing the wind! Not chasing the wind!

Have you ever thought that maybe you were chasing the wind? I have.

Time passes and I reflect in every area of my life.

I’m grateful that Jesus has given me the time and life to reflect in order to make corrections that might be and are necessary. Making changes within my life is magnificent, not always fun but worth it, which makes the change magnificent.

I have learned that private goals are more rewarding than public goals. Performing the change personally, and not publicly, has been the most stimulating and rewarding accomplishment of all. It's easier to accomplish without naysayers to berate me as I am doing my best in whatever it is I am doing.

For yourself, are you moving forward in your desires, dreams, and goals? If you are, congratulations! Keep going, you won't regret it! For myself, I recently completed my first portion of college studies with a Small Business Management Certificate and a Business Operations Certificate, successfully with honors.

While taking the walk across the stage and returning to my seat, I decided I wasn't finished yet. There's more to accomplish! Moving forward in completing an Accounting Certificate, in the Spring of 2017, and then will obtain an Associates of Science Degree in Accounting and Business Management, simultaneously. This is a wonderful feeling, personally.

My last grade completed prior to entering college was eighth grade. Being intimidated when I walked through the front doors of campus for the first time was quite shocking. Also, I was and am very grateful! Looking forward to brighter days!

If you have a goal, dream or desire, You go and get yours! You are worth it!

Thank You Jesus for giving me this blessing!

Bless Your Holy Name! ~Amen!

>>>No more chasing the wind!<<<

May All Go Your Way in Him!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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